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Old School Rave Sample Pack

Top Cut - Old School Rave Loops

What’s in the Pack???


Old School Rave - Late 80’s early 90’s were the most amazing years for this sound, and formed the soundtrack to lots of people lives, those lucky enough to experience it, the events, the scene, the flyers, tape packs, bomber jackets, white gloves, whistles, superstar amazing DJ’s, MC’s and dancing all night long in warehouse, field, tent or venue, will hold the memories close forever. 


The sound has lived on and as it has been said will never die.  You can hear influences from these years across modern music, in house, drum and bass and more.  Top Cut have delivered and amazing sample pack - which sounds like it has come straight from 1992 - which was a vintage year by the way for amazing tracks, this pack captures the Rave sound perfectly and gives you the chance to recreate your own house and rave productions! 


56 x 24 Bit Royalty Free Wav Old School Rave sounds


Please note the beats in the demo are not included

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