Sample Superstore - Our own label - producing sample packs across the genres,  we aim to deliver good value collections to help up and coming and established producers create the tracks that they dream of and provide inspiration for creative like minded people.  We use an in house experienced ex DJ and up to date current producer for our sound design with over 20 years experience in the music scene from DJing and having tracks chart on the major download stores.  

Alien Loops - Sounds from outer space, intergalactic grooves, far out sounds - you get the picture - Alien Loops have landed on Sample Superstore and they are delivering Sample pack after pack of House and Techno sounds to shake the dance floors of planet earth. Made with destroying the speakers in mind - this label knows how to bring the groove straight to you.  Check out their collection of sounds and packs.

Bodyrock Sounds - Our aim is deliver high quality sounds and sample packs for all types of producer.  Inspired by the UK dance scene over the years - we want to bring that sound to producers around the world. House, Techno, Rave and everything in between is the basis of our sound and the majority of our releases will be within these genres - with the emphasis on one thing - making your body move.  

ICE Loops - as cold as ICE and ready to give you heavy sample packs and sounds for your next hit record - ICE Loops is here.  We bring the power and bass into our packs and hope you can feel it to.  Drum and Bass, sub genres, rave, trap, hip-hop, bass music, house and anything in between is our sound and you will find us tweaking our synths to the max to bring the vibe. 

Super Samples - We aim to produce just that - Super and fantastic sample packs across the genres whilst providing value for money.  UK based, we draw on many influences, we have a love of house, techno, drum and bass and many more of the sub genres that you can find in todays EDM scene.  Sample Packs are our love and we have great fun making them - which we hope shows in our releases.  Lets get creative.

Robot Sounds - A label which has one eye on the retro - the other firmly on the future and delivers sample packs which carry interesting chords, grooves and patterns.  Spanning multi genres and styles - Robot Sounds bring the noise with their packs - check them out!

Top Cut - Love Old School flavours - then Top Cut is the Sample Pack label for you.   Inspired by the music from yesteryear - we aim to deliver some of the highest quality old school sample and sounds for you to create future retro hits! Retro groove are always recycled in modern music and our aim is to help you find 'that sound' that you are looking for!